August 15, 2023

Two Presentations Given at ACS Annual Meeting

Two presentations from the Banta Lab were given at the 2023 American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.  Simay Gokulu presented a poster entitled "Effects of applied mechanical forces on enzymatic activity via DNA spring assembly around alcohol dehydrogenase (AdhD) from Pyrococcus furiosus".  And Farid Khoury presented a poster entitled "Calcium-dependent platform for protein purification and sensing".

August 01, 2023

Presentation Given at SIMB Annual Meeting

Professor Banta co-convened a session entitled "Microbial Metal Recovery from All Industrial Wastes and Co-Products" at the SIMB annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN.  Within the session Hannah Zurier presented a talk entitled "Effects of Rare Earth Elements on the Biomining Organism Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans"

July 27, 2023

Congratulations Dr. Vainstein

Salomon Vainstein successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "Engineering Formate Dehydrogenase Enzymatic Activity for Non-Canonical Cofactors Through Rational Design".  Sal is the 20th PhD student and first magician graduating from the Banta Lab.  Congratulations Dr. Vainstein!